How to travel with your partner

23 August, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Nancy Lova

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What an absolute blessing it is to travel with your partner, to see the world, share moments and make new memories. It’s one of the many wonderful experiences life has to offer and I am absolutely here for it! Perhaps it’ll be your first holiday with your babes or you may vacation together regularly and be looking for new exciting tips or maybe, you’re both polar opposites but want to be on the same page whilst away. Well, get ready for your next adventure as in this article, I’ll share suggestions on how to travel with your partner so that you can have the best time abroad.

Try new activities together

I’m pretty sure every couple have a few things they love to do together, especially when on holiday. It could be site-seeing, hiking or lounging by the pool, like a hobby or habit, there are certain interests you just know the both of you are going pursue but how about throwing in something completely different that neither of you have done before? Whether it’s something wild like sky-diving or blissful like wine tasting, trying a new activity not only adds more joy to your travels and more sparks to your relationship but it has the potential to unlock undiscovered qualities in yourself, your partner and your bond.

Dedicate time for romance

Ticking plans off the itinerary or free-styling is all good and well but however you choose to spend your travels, I think scheduling in time for romance is important. This can be as grand or as simple as you please, you just have to feel the love in the air. A candle-lit dinner, a picnic, a long walk with gelato through the city or a late night swim under the stars, whichever way you choose to be romantic, scheduling the time in doing so, centres both you and your partner which is particularly helpful on a busy trip. You can be away together and mentally be in different worlds at the same time when you’re taking in your surroundings, so a little romance ensures you make room to focus just on each other.

Take turns to prioritise each other’s interests

Although this sounds obvious, I have seen a number of couples with one partner full of ideas whilst the other usually goes with the flow or partners who are overbearing with their demands and expectations of things they would like to do. It doesn’t take a relationship expert to see how pressuring this can be on your travels and relationship in general. This is why compromising and prioritising both of your interests is important as it creates balance and harmony. You could take turns on a day-to-day basis or spend the morning doing what you like and the afternoon, what your partner likes.

Switch roles

Now I know there’s certain gestures or responsibilities you do more of than your partner and vice versa. For example, I previously had a boyfriend who always got the bill for everything and everywhere we went, not because I didn’t want to but because that was something he genuinely loved to do for me. This was a gesture he carried through even into our vacations and whilst our trips were always fabulous, I ensured there were evenings or days where I took him out and got the bill. Another example could be that you or your partner is often the organiser as it may just be something that feels normal to you but regardless of things feeling normal, it’s nice to switch roles from time to time especially when on holiday as this is the perfect time to show that you appreciate one another and the things you both do in your relationship.

Be silly

Lastly, one that sounds a little weird and foreign, be silly! I mean just let loose and have fun on your travels. As we get older, everything feels so much more serious with strict routines for every aspect of our lives. We have routines at work, for when we wake up, for bed time all of which can suck the fun out of us and our relationships so when else to forget all of that and just enjoy yourselves than when abroad?

That street musician playing the violin? How about you two dance along, who cares who’s watching! When was the last time you both went clubbing with each other, in fact ever? Do it! Go skinny-dipping in the sea, go to a funfair and try all the rides, stay out super late and walk back to your hotel in the early hours, who genuinely cares because those are the moments that don’t come around often so when you have the chance, be silly and have fun!

I’m not a relationship expert and ultimately you should do what feels right for you both. I’m just speaking from experience and through even just one of the tips mentioned, your travels with your partner can be all the more joyful. Happy travelling!


IALH Editorial Team


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