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11 January, 2022 / words by user

Written by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

With so many people making the trip down from all over the globe during the Christmas period, it’s obvious to see that Ghana has taken note and seriously upped the ante. This recent trip exposed me to so many new restaurants, clubs and everything in between that I felt like I needed to share here as I know many are deciding whether or not to spend the 2022 festive season in Accra and if so, where to visit and what to do.


Vine is definitely my favourite restaurant in Ghana. There’s no doubt about it that that restaurant was made with me in mind. From the aesthetics to the food to the vibe, Vine is everything you need for daytime brunch or a sultry evening dinner. 

Vine quickly became my favourite upscale restaurant in Ghana. There’s no doubt about it that that restaurant was made with me in mind. From the aesthetics to the food to the vibe, Vine is everything you need for daytime brunch or a sultry evening dinner. 

I was lucky enough to experience both and I must say, the dinner offerings exceed the brunch menu but if you want the best pictures for your IG feed, definitely visit during the day! The menu is Mexican inspired (the head chef himself is from Mexico) and the flavours, interiors and drinks make you feel like you’ve stepped out of Cantonments to dine in a restaurant in Tulum!

Mel’s Favourite Dish – Prawn Tacos


Run by the same management team as Vine, Kōzo is basically Accra’s Hakkasan/Nobu. Its east Asian-inspired menu features a selection of sushi, grilled meats, and salad dishes. My favourite dish on the menu was their octopus salad. You know when you eat something and immediately think “Ahn, these people know what they’re doing!”. Yeah, that. I wasn’t even expecting the food to be good as I know it’s a restaurant that people go to stunt and do “big boys and girls of Accra” but I was pleasantly surprised. It also has an impressive bar with top-shelf liquor, which makes for a great date night spot. But just know – if you go on a date there you will absolutely be caught by everyone so be wise! 

Mel’s Favourite Dish – Octopus Salad & Deep Fried Calamari

Fat Fish

I went to brunch at Fat Fish and I didn’t enjoy it at all which was so surprising because everyone I know was raving about it! The food just wasn’t great and it felt like there was not much soul put into it. For the price, it’s not bad as you get four courses (way too many for brunch IMO) but I’m going to keep it real, not many of the courses were edible. My partner asked for his steak to be done rare (Ghanaians don’t seem to know what medium is so don’t bother) and it came as grey as my foot on its ashiest day. I’m only including it here as I’ve been told that the A La Carte menu is extremely impressive and everyone that’s experienced it raves about it. I’ll definitely have to see for myself on my next visit.

Mel’s Favourite Dish – Apple Pie French Toast & Fish Tacos


Bôndai literally looks like it was gripped from sunny LA and plopped onto the streets of Accra. It’s such a beautiful restaurant with french glass doors letting in the African sunlight, and outdoor and indoor dining areas that are perfect for group culinary experiences, Bôndai is definitely worth the trip. I really enjoyed the food and the frozen margaritas are to DIE for (shoutout to their mixologist(s).

They also have a secret garden behind the restaurant that transforms at night into what feels like day party vibes at night time, equipped with bottle service and all the champagne you can drink. You’ll definitely catch the big boyz there! I didn’t get any pictures, but I featured it on my TikTok HERE

Mel’s Favourite Dish – Grilled Lamb Chops

Mum’s Kitchen

I had to shout out a local chop bar in this article as it’s not just about pretty venues and edible floral adorned dishes. Mum’s kitchen is a chop bar in East Legon that arguably makes the best Fufu I’ve experienced in Ghana. I visit a minimum of 4 times every time I travel to Accra because it’s just that good. It’s got all the makings of a local spot with plastic bowls, hand soap, a jug of water to wash your hands, and dishes sold by the quantity of meat you select. Mum’s kitchen is hands down my favourite local restaurant in Ghana and I’ll never betray it!

Mel’s Favourite Dish – Fufu with Groundnut Soup & Goat Meat

Bistro 22

If you’re hungry, go to Bistro 22. They probably have the best, most efficient service in Ghana. The food comes out as quickly as you need it to and the drinks are refreshingly sweet and made to perfection. Their menu features dishes such as chicken wings, grilled prawns, cob salads, pasta and French fries. They also have a very pretty outdoor seating space, but get there early, as they’re known to fill up quite quickly.

Mel’s Favourite Dish – Pestro Creamy Pasta With Chicken

Now let’s run through the clubs and bars! Here is a list of them that is worth visiting;

Bloom Bar (Bar) – I usually go for the DLT event which is arguably one of the best events of the season. Outside of DLT, Bloom bar is generally a good vibe. Dress cute to go there, but not like dressy dressy you know?

SandBox (Beach Club) – Another good vibe. You can go there for brunch during the day (it’s stylized to look a little like a Morrocan Riad) and at night, it turns into a club with fire breathers and costumed performers. They didn’t play around with the rebrand! At nighttime, I find it a little dressier so go with a cute heel/dress vibe.

Purple Pub (Bar) – I haven’t actually been here but people seem to love it! There’s a drink called five fingers that will apparently knock your socks off! It seems a little more casual from what I’ve seen.

Polo Beach Club (Beach Club) – There are several events/performances held at polo beach. It’s got a club vibe but a little more relaxed/social. Great vibe and the food bangs so don’t forget to order when you’re drunk. The kelewele is my favourite!

Twist (club) – In Accra, you don’t just plan to go to one event, you party hop so Twist will be your second stop after SandBox or Polo Beach Club. People usually head there around 1/2am. In terms of what to wear, girls usually do heels and are generally a little more dressy but if you’re coming from somewhere else, don’t bother changing!

Ace (club) – People usually head to Ace after twist but be warned, it gets packed quite quickly. Get a burger from the Burger Boyz station at the end of the night. It’ll change your life!!




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