The best destinations to visit according to the seasons

1 November, 2023 / words by Nancy Lova

One of my favourite ways to travel is depending on the seasons throughout the year. Whilst every country is already unique in their own way, there are certain times where they become extra special. From Spring in Netherlands for beautiful sights of tulips to spotting the Northern Lights in Iceland during the winter, in this article I’ll tell you the best destinations to visit according to seasons.


Whilst I am a true lover of summer, spring is probably the most magical time of year because of the way Mother Nature blooms around the world. Many places come alive with colour as trees transform into soft pink splendour and gardens become vibrant as flowers burst through.
Japan has long been the destination to visit in spring due to viewing cherry blossom trees, a traditional Japanese custom called “hanami” where much of the country’s trees turn pink and white.
There are a number of great places across Japan to sport cherry blossoms including Shinjuku Gyoen and Ueno Park in Tokyo and Hiram Shrine and Maruyama Park in Kyoto.
Another popular destination is The Netherlands as not only does the sun shine frequently but fields become completely covered with magnificent tulips. A must is Keukenhof where you will see the most beautiful flowering of 7 million bulbs and 800 types of tulips.


Oh how I worship the sun and for many like me, summer is the time of year most craved. What’s not to love of about this season? Longer days, better weather, people feel relaxed but with more energy and just good vibes all round, summer is the best.
One of my absolute favourite places to enjoy this season is Côte d’Azur, France. Antibes, Nice, St Tropez, Cannes or the jewel in the crown, Monaco, pretty much anywhere along The French Riviera is a dream. You can enjoy the cosmopolitan cities for shopping and fine dining and unwind on one of the many pristine beaches available.
San Sebastián in Spain is another fabulous option for its serene landscapes and world-renowned cuisine.


Autumn is known to be a mellower season compared to others. Temperatures are cooler, colours change to warm tones, things become more cosy and nearly everything is pumpkin in flavour! It’s the start to welcome in the end of year and months of celebrations.
Prepare to be amazed in the land of Fall in New York. Pumpkins everywhere, crisp weather, less crowds and abundance of things to do, the city is especially idyllic during this time. Head over to Central Park for a pretty scenery painted in golden foliage.
Step into a renaissance painting in Tuscany where you’ll be left breathless over the dramatic views of fall foliage. The Italian region is also popular during the season for its abundance of things to do such as food and wine festivals, olive picking and hot springs.


Whilst the cold weather isn’t for everybody, it does however have a way of bringing people together. Things slow down, more quality time is spent with loved ones over hot dinners and drinks and with Christmas and New Years, it’s officially party season.
Enchanting settings can be found all around the world as decorations go up with the mood to celebrate.
Prague is particularly picturesque in the winter for its Christmas Markets. Enjoy the holiday in the Czech capital with shopping, delicious foods and charming architecture.
If you’re quite the adventurer then why not visit Iceland for an unforgettable winter. Known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland is home to some of Europe’s largest glaciers and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. The country is a natural phenomena with breathtaking waterfalls, the blue lagoon and if you’re lucky, you may even spot the Northern Lights!


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