The best hotels with the most enticing swimming pools

20 November, 2023 / words by Nancy Lova

There are a number of features that can make a hotel all the more attractive and sometimes just the one detail is enough to have guests swarming in. This could be an Art Deco bar, a lavish restaurant, a charming riad or a renowned spa but something that is often the icing on the cake of dreamy hotels and sets them apart from others, are swimming pools. A single glance at a pool can be enough to book a stay because no longer are they just somewhere to splash about for fun but part of an entire experience. From city skyline views to immersing yourself deep into the jungle, I’ll name some of the most luxurious hotel swimming pools in the world. 

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Take a dip 57 storeys above ground in the world’s highest swimming pool. Located within Singapore’s most famed structure of lavish hotels, restaurants, casinos and shoppings malls is the iconic 146 metre long infinity pool which overhangs the hotel and into endless views of dazzling lights and architectural beauties. Go first thing in the morning to watch the sun rise or for sunset views into the evening where you’ll be amazed as the skyline begins to sparkle. Be mesmerised by glittering reflections between the pool and the starry night sky. The palm lined rooftop with lounges creates a relaxing oasis for guests to wind down from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. 

Capella Ubud, Bali

Nestled comfortably in the lush rainforest of Keliki Valley is Capella Ubud, a perfect Balinese hideout allowing guests to reset amid unspoiled nature. A campsite like no other, Capella Ubud offers an opulent experience in the jungle with copper tubs, wooden trunks filled with minibars and four-poster beds in some of the richest tents you’ve ever seen. As if the accommodation wasn’t fabulous enough, the cherry on top is the 20 metre salt water pool engulfed by the rainforest providing you blissful moments to indulge in complete peace and quiet with nothing but the sweet sounds of birds singing. 

Manon Les Suites, Copenhagen 

Former factory turned sanctuary, Manon Les Suites is a popular hotel to stay in when visiting Copenhagen and why not when it has one of the most unique pools in the city. An alluring courtyard surrounded by an abundance of hanging plants, glistening lights and palms, the pool sits in the centre and can be admired from each of the six floors in the hotel. With the vast amount of greenery, visitors are able to lounge around after a day of sightseeing and escape into a slice of paradise right in the heart of the city. 

Miramonti Boutique Hotel, Merano, Italy

Prepare to be in awe at all times at Miramonti Boutique Hotel as the views will be some of the most spectacular and dramatic you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Medieval hilltop castles, picturesque rolling fields surrounded by the dolomite Alpine foothills, Merano is truly postcard-perfect. The hotel has a crisp, modern and minimalist finish with vintage touches and provides a super cosy feel with refined fireplaces, cute reading nooks and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, oh but the absolute gem here of course, is the infinity pool. Overlooking the pretty town of Merano and in close proximity to nature, you can unwind into this 16 meter long pool and into a state of tranquility as you take in those breathtaking mountain views and that fresh alpine air.

25Hours Hotel One Central Dubai 

An exceptionally new and vibrant hotel has made itself at home in a prime buzzing spot in Dubai. 25Hours Hotel One Central is modern in style but unlike the traditional razzle dazzle of the city, this hotel is packed with thousands of books and antiques, creating more character and a homey vibe. The intimate feel continues upstairs to the rooftop where a clean-cut pool is found accompanied by a bar, lounge beds and comfy bean bags. The location of the hotel is a winner as  from the edge of the pool, you’ll be up, close and personal with skyscrapers and stunning buildings. Make sure to Owen Farrellrelish in evening drinks and nibbles and watch as the Museum of the Future and the rest of the city skyline, lights up.


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