Best Way to Pack Your Suitcase For A Trip

15 March, 2022 / words by user

Written by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

Image by @leoniehanne

Anyone that tells you that packing isn’t an art form is a liar. Too many times have I heard “Damn! I forgot my straighteners” or toothbrush or socks and I’m not gonna lie, I too have been that forgetful person but no more. I’ve created a strategy that allows me to pack so efficiently that I hardly ever find myself without and of course, it’s time to share said strategy with you, Hun.

The first thing you’re going to do is picture your morning routine in your head and think of every single item/product you use or touch from the moment you open your eyes to the second you’ve finished getting ready. I mean REALLY think about it. Almost like you’re watching yourself from the eyes of someone else. Here’s how part of my morning goes:

I wake up, get out of bed and put my slippers and bathrobe on. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, shower and wash my face. I then towel dry, lotion my body, put on my underwear and do my skincare routine before I move on to hair and makeup. So from that sequence alone, I’d need:

– Slippers

– Bathrobe

– Toothbrush

– Toothpaste

– Sponge

– Body wash

– Face wash

– Towel

– Lotion

– Underwear

– Everything that is part of my skincare routine

– Make up bag

– Make up brushes

– Hair care items/tools

Do you get where I’m going with this? Where hotels and accommodation permit, I won’t always need things such as bathrobes, towels and slippers but best believe I’m packing everything in-between.

Pro Tip

Be sure to pack your cosmetics items and liquids in a clear toiletry bag so you don’t need to open it up to see what you’ve packed before you close your suitcase. They’re also great and easy to wipe down if any spillages occur.

Next, you need to list all of your outfits. Write a list down of every single outfit you intend to wear down the specifics (e.g. socks, gold hoop earrings or thermals). Make a list for daytime and nighttime outfits if necessary. It’s better to pack by outfit because you avoid overpacking unnecessary items that you won’t end up wearing.

Now, this is the important part, before you actually pack the items, review this list and take out any unnecessary inclusions. No, you do NOT need a different pair of shoes for every single outfit. Trust me – you won’t wear them and your back and arms will not forgive you for lugging that heavy suitcase across the terminal. Try and pack interchangeable accessories to save space where you can.

Pro Tip

Pack at least one outfit in your hand luggage in the unfortunate event that your luggage goes walkies. 

Now, let’s talk about high-value items. Every single item that you adore and would slap someone’s mum over needs to be packed in your hand luggage. I’m talking watches, high-value handbags bags and jewellery. Keep every valuable item as close to you as possible to avoid any tears. This is an absolute MUST because losing a suitcase full of Chanel and Louis Vuitton can make anyone fall to their knees and beg God.

Pro Tip

Throw an Apple Airtag into your luggage to track it if it ever gets lots. I throw one in each luxury handbag too!

Make sure you list and pack necessary items such as:

– Passport

– Phone charger

– Laptop

– Laptop charger

– Adaptors (if necessary) 

– Electric toothbrush charger

– Dental floss

– Shower cap

– Headscarf

– Tweezers 

– Make up remover

– Small cosmetic scissors 

– Headphones

– Straighteners 

– Antibacterial gel and wipes

Be sure to double-check this list before you leave. 

That’s pretty much it! Lists are a paranoid person’s dream and I always tick things off as I go along to ease my anxiety. 


Happy packing!




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