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1 December, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

If anyone knows me personally, you know that I have not shut up about my upcoming trip to Mexico. I have made this girl’s trip my entire personality and everything I do now is inservice of making that trip the most transformative experience I possibly can. As the first daughter of an ethnic household, I grew up with incredibly strict parents that did not allow me to do any school trips that required overnight stays, which meant that travelling with my friends was a new adventure that I was dying to start.

Although it might be cliche, it can be said that seeing the world with your girlfriends can change your perspective on life and my upcoming trip will last a full month which means I need to pack smart and pack well. After all the travelling I have done, this trip will be a walk in the park. Let’s take a deep dive into what will make it into my suitcase and what will be getting the axe.


Your vacation self is not the same person you are when you’re at home. However that does not mean you should throw yourself completely out of your comfort zone. One thing I learnt is that no matter how excited I am to wear an item, I never end up wearing my full holiday wardrobe without trying everything on first or creating the outfits ahead of time. I was inspired by Cher’s wardrobe computer from clueless, which means that I now take a full picture of all the outfits I intend to wear on holiday.

Packing those clothes

I never used to be a believer in packing cubes, until I saw my bestfriend’s organised suitcase in the midst of my absolute chaos. Packing your clothes neatly and labelling provides you so much sanity and all for the small price of £10. There are no specific packing cubes that you need, but the best ones I have seen are the Amazon’s pick Travel Packing Cubes. This collection is eight pieces, which is better for a small suitcase. Once you choose the size of your luggage, I suggest buying a few packs of the cubes to fill your entire case. It is always better to get a dark coloured suitcase insert incase of spillages or makeup stains.


This would be entirely dependent on the type of insurance covering your jewellery, but I always take all of my jewellery with me on holiday as it makes me feel like home. The trick is, you have to wear all of your jewellery with you through the airport and only remove your jewellery for high impact activities where you could possibly lose those important pieces. The next issue that may arise is losing your jewellery once you take it off. This is where a handy travel sized jewellery box can make all the difference. This item does not have to be expensive at all, and can be something you pick up from Amazon whilst you are picking up your packing cubes. If you’re worried about leaving your jewellery box in your hotel room, the best thing to do is to hide it within an empty tampon box.


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