How Mel styles her Canada Goose boots

8 February, 2022 / words by user

Written by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

In partnership with Canada Goose

As I’m getting older I’ve started to realise the beauty in being “well put together”. You don’t have to be the most stylish, have the best hair and makeup but if you’re well put together it’s something most people notice and the majority will compliment you on. 

I always felt being well put together would be something that would ease its way in with age, but the more and more I try to do it the more I realise that it’s definitely more of a conscious effort than anything but the great thing is that you feel great when you look great so the investment is always worth it in the end. 

Canada Goose

Journey Boots

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Since I’ve gotten my foot firmly into my 30s now, I’ve made a mental note to start stepping out as a girl that younger me would absolutely admire and that is definitely a Hun who is well put together and dresses up regardless of the event (or lack thereof). 

Since I’ve committed to this consistent theme of “dressing up” for every occasion, I’ve been trying to find ways where my outfit looks elevated, but I’m still experiencing maximum comfort on my feet because as much as I love to look good, it’s important that I feel good too and sometimes, heels do the absolute opposite of that! 


Finding the right footwear that is both comfortable and stylish has most definitely proven to be a challenge as there aren’t many flat shoes/boots that are chic enough in my opinion and many of them are quite hard to style. 

Luckily, these Canada Goose journey boots came into my life and I love how they’ve brought a relaxed and casual vibe to what would typically be an overstated outfit. They give me that perfect touch of androgyny, which is great for me as I’m always in dresses and more feminine outfits. Surprisingly, I find them to be super versatile and since they come in different colourways, there’s definitely an outfit they can fit into seamlessly. 

Typically, you wouldn’t think that they’d be paired with an outfit like this but I got so many compliments strolling around London. So with the Canada goose boots, I still get the elevated everyday looks that I love without the burn from high heels!





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