How to Lighten a Dark Room With No Natural Light

17 March, 2022 / words by user

Written by Aurelie Tshiama

Image by @adbuilding

Okay, so lighting isn’t the GREATEST asset in your room. That’s okay. Let me reassure you that it’s not all that bad. You get an opportunity to use some critical (creative) thinking and see what super solutions you come up with, like the superhuman you are. 

Besides, I am here (a fellow superhuman) to help you with just that. Let’s go through some solutions to brighten your room. So, the sort of rooms I have in mind are the ones without a window or if not, a tiny window. Usually, these are small to medium in size, often a bathroom, spare room or underground space.

My first recommendation would be to get a mirror up in there. Somewhere, anywhere. Let’s use a walk-in wardrobe as our setting. Let’s double that up as home office too. You’ll need a lot of light in there. Whether your wardrobe is custom or not, aim to have mirrored doors. (If your wardrobe isn’t custom-made, I recommend Dunelm’s pack of 4 mirrors, they cost £10, and you can buy as many to stick on your door from top to bottom.) If that isn’t an option for you, adding a floor-length mirror in your room to check out your outfit before you head out for the night is the next best one. My favourite is the Camden Black Mirror by the Online Mirror Shop, costing £269.00, heavily characterised by its beautiful, curved edges. Curves for curves.

Secondly, we need light! In a room with little to no windows, the key to good lighting is layering. Lighting comes in three: Task, Ambient and Accent. TAA: Task lighting (targeted lighting for reading, working, etc); Ambient lighting (general/overall lighting) and Accent lighting (for highlighting wall displays and/or ornaments). With the use of these types of lighting, you can play with them to achieve general lighting and create a well-lit atmosphere. A good choice of floor lamps and wall lamps will beautifully elevate your space. Tom Dixon’s Pressed Wall Lamp are one of my faves at being consistent in any interior setting. You need it!

Lastly, your room’s colour palette plays a HUGE part in good lighting. It goes without saying that we need to keep that palette light on the walls and the big spaces. This includes furniture too. Apart from white, nudes and creams work well too at bouncing the light from the light sources. However, this isn’t to say you can’t use pops of colour. Pops of colours are always great but be sure to not let them take away from the ambience you’ve created with the lighting, mirrors and palette.

Now, if you’re reading this and your room falls into the category of little to no windows, I hope I’ve contributed to your faith in your room decor being restored. Don’t forget that there isn’t a room in this world that’s beyond a hack or repair.

Good luck with transforming your space!

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